How to have a Healthy view on Aging Skin. - Birdy BotanicalsIf anyone understands the stress of watching your skin age its me. I sell skin care products. My skin is a direct representative of my product. I care that my skin shows signs of age. I know you do to. I get it. With that said, it’s easy to get obsessed with changes we watch happening in the mirror. I did some research on attitudes about aging skin. I found lots of information about why our skin ages but not how we feel about it. How do we feel about it? It sucks. But why does it have to “suck?” Why do we fall prey to magazines and constant pressure from society when most of the girls in magazines are air brushed and starved? Besides, their 15 and meant to look like their 20-something. It’s not real. Why is our ideal out of range of possibility? The truth is our skin will age no matter what we do. I know. Buzz kill. The silly things we do when we panic about those fine lines: There’s tons of expensive lotions and potions we can buy with the promises from laboratory testing and “proven” with fake before and after photos. Bastards. How much money have you wasted looking for a quick skin care fix? There are expensive procedures like injections, lasers, surgery etc. Some more invasive then others. If going this direction boosts your confidence, go for it. I won’t judge. But beware, this route can become a major slippery slope. Once we start to over examine and judge our appearance comparing ourselves to the unobtainable we are setting ourselves up for insecurity. Besides, is it actually giving us results? There’s a study from NPR “That Face-Lift May Buy You Only Three Years Of Youth.” Read it and then decide. Once we start to beat ourselves up it’s hard to come back to that place where “I’m good just the way I am.” It’s important to try and change the way we think about our aging selves. But, this doesn’t mean we have to throw in the towel. How to be the best version of ourselves we can be. Naturally.

In my opinion the best thing about aging is that I appreciate what I have rather than what I don’t. My booty may be bigger than most “butt”(haha) I have an hourglass figure and long eyelashes. So I’ll work with that and take care of my skin the best I can from the inside-out. ]]>

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