I love summer, but come Fall I am ready to refocus on my household routines. As I take in what’s happened to my environment over the past three months I soon realize I need some fast, easy and cheap solutions to get my life renewed and back on track. In my opinion, cleaning and organizing is a major fun sucker. This girl wants more time to do what she loves, pampering herself! While in my uncharacteristic Martha Stewart mood I discovered some ideas from Pinterest and other sources that helped me reuse, reduce, recycle and best of all, save time and money.

First, organize my cleaning routine:

  • Find a cleaning schedule online and reduce your cleaning to 15 minutes a day.
  • Get a totable plastic bin to hold all of your cleaning supplies (Protect your hands! Make sure it includes rubber gloves).
  • Finish what you start. The more consistent you are the easier it’ll be.

A couple of nifty tips to save green (money) and be green.

  • Keep a box of used, but clean, socks under the sink for quick and easy dusting.
  • Keep pretty bottles on your windowsill to dry washed ziploc and plastic bags.
  • Use newspaper to origami a compost container instead of buying expensive bags.
  • Check out my “Green Cleaning” Pinterest board for ideas on how to use less chemicals in your home.
Don’t let the fun suckers get you down! Now that you have extra time on your hands how about a face masque or mani-pedi?]]>

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