Hand Fix Kit


This Kit holds The Fix you need for your over-washed and over-sanitized hands.

The Back of our Hands is one of the 4 parts of our body that shows the signs of aging the fastest. Our society has changed some of its habits, and obsessive hand washing and hand sanitizing will be with us for awhile. Add the cold winter months to that and you have a recipe for disaster. Dry skin is not healthy skin and it can lead to premature aging, and If it continues and progresses, to painful cracks and wounds. This Hand Fix Kit supplies the two best elements your hands need to rehydrate and remoisturize. Your skin likes water and oil. You have to get the water in there first (Serum) and seal it in with the butter (Butter Balm). As far as your hands are concerned this is a magic couple. Each of the players in this Kit also has a lot more love to give to your face (Serum) or lips, elbows or wherever you need some added moisture (Butter Balm).

Hands are the best tools we have. It’s time to hold the power of the Hand Fix in your palms.

Choose a scent

Grapefruit & Lemongrass, Clove, Orange & Cedar, Lavender & White Tea

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