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Wait…it's a Room Spray AND a Zombie Repellant?

There I was in my kitchen, minding my own business… trying to neutralize the smell of the fish tacos my husband cooked the night before. I grabbed my trusty bottle of Birdy Botanicals Nest Room Perfume with Orange, Clove and Cedar and exactly at that moment heard loud grunting and gnashing of teeth and the arhythmic, thumping cadence of someone (or some thing) climbing my back stairs, all announced by the acrid marriage of rotting meat, mildewed laundry and a hint of spearmint. What can I say—I develop beauty products. Then it appeared. A foul, malignant visage, trembling and screeching, with a face that looked like it had been removed, pulsed a few times in a Cuisinart and re-applied with a spatula. Eeew. And it was at my back door and obviously was not a Jehovah’s Witness… …at least any longer.

The essential oils repelled the rotting corpse, leaving freshness behind

The only weapon I had at my disposal was a Bialetti 2-cup espresso maker at arm’s length on the stove and the Nest Room Perfume spray bottle I still clutched in my right hand. Knowing I still might want a second Americano before beginning my day in earnest, I opted to use the Nest spray. I threw the door open and in one seamless action reflexively spritzed a generous cloud of Nest in what was formerly his face. Fully expecting to be devoured in the next moments, I prepared for my impending doom by closing my eyes and assuming a fetal position on my kitchen floor. The eery silence was accompanied by the lingering aroma of Clove, Orange and Cedar. Reminiscent of a fall morning in Vermont after a gentle rain—with zombies. When I opened my eyes a few seconds later, the unwelcome pestilent visitor had vanished. I peered out the window in time to catch a glimpse of it heading into an alley rubbing it’s one, working eye and screaming like a 3rd grade girl.

Who knew we’d be using natural products to solve supernatural problems

That’s when I realized—this product I created to inject a little autumn ambience into the rooms of slightly hip, 20-55 year-old females  in the mid-to-upper demographic, could do double duty as a zombie repellant—and Zom-B-Gone was born. A Birdy post-apocalyptic original, the spicy aromas of Birdy’s Zom-B-Gone are reminiscent of cool, crisp October mornings before the global plague or your Mom’s kitchen before she became one of the legions of walking dead. Zom-B-Gone will clear the air, might save your ass but will definitely leave you humming a happy tune. Because you’re alive. Now it can be yours for only $12 a bottle. We calculate that one bottle will successfully repel anywhere from 1,500-2,000 walking dead, depending on size, degree of putrification, prevailing winds and aim.


As I was describing to my husband how I thwarted the zombie in my kitchen, I got caught up in the moment and accidentally squirted the poor man in the face with Zom-B-Gone. The good news is now I can say it’s been tested on humans, the bad news is…well just don’t use it on humans. Trust me on this one. The ingredients are all natural but the reaction you get will sound anything but. Also, keep out of reach of children, living or undead.]]>

Tips for Seeing a Skin care Professional – It's the Ultimate Gift for You!

Tips on Getting a Facial- the Ultimate Skin Care Gift for You!- Birdy Botancials

Getting a facial from a skin care expert can gives a boost to your regimen.

As the holiday season is rapidly approaching we all want to look our best. During the flurry this time of year we forget to concentrate on number one. Do something nice for yourself. You might want to treat yourself to a real facial from a professional esthetician. Professional facials are a great way to improve your skin and get an expert opinion about whether your skin care routine is working for you. Here are a few tips if you decide to go for it.
  • Do your research. Make sure you are seeing a licensed esthetician.
  • If you book a specific facial be prepared that your skin care expert may suggest a different treatment after talking with you and looking at your skin.
  • Always tell them about allergies or sensitivities. Mention any oral or topical medications you are taking for your skin. Also, tell them if you use any AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids.) A good esthetician will ask you questions before they begin.
  • Don’t book a facial within a week of an important event. You don’t know how your skin will react to a treatment.
  • They may ask about your routine. You’ll get the best results if you’re honest with them. Don’t be shy.
  • Ask questions and to discuss what sort of results to expect.
Relax and enjoy because you deserve it! It’s important to do nice things for yourself. And Dudes! Facials aren’t just for the ladies….. Here are some estheticians I’ve had personal experience with and had excellent experiences with each one. London Elise at Soothe, San Francisco Ellen Olson at Skin and Tonic, Oakland Laura Semrau, Essential Skin Care and Reflexology, Chester, CA (Lake Almanor)(530)258-2585 Do yourself a favor and let a skin care professional pamper you and give you the gift of great skin all at the same time.]]>

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